Confidence Results - Kensington and Chelsea

The MPS Public Attitude Survey asks residents of the following questions to measure confidence in local policing.

The below results represent Kensington and Chelsea resident's views.

Taking everything into account, how good a job do you think the police in this area are doing?

To what extent do you agree that the local police are dealing with the things that matter to people in this community?

The PAS is representative of the population of London as a whole and is in line with census data in terms of ethnicity, age and gender. However, as with all surveys, some groups may be underrepresented. The PAS under samples White respondents aged 15-34 in some boroughs. However, the difference between our sample and the census data could, at least in part, be due to the changes that have taken place to the population of London since the census was taken.

Care must be taken when comparing the Metropolitan Police Service results with other force results, particularly as other forces are using different methodologies to capture their data.

This data is from Quarter 1 2015/16.